Nash, MO. to Hoxie, AR. Branch

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    Nash, MO. to Hoxie, AR.-

    M.P.- Station------ Blt.- Aban. P.C.- County-
    139.3 Nash-------- 1880 1965 CGRY Cape Girardeau
    141.8 Blomeyer---- 1880 1965 CGRY Cape Girardeau
    144.4 Sharpsboro-- 1880 1965 CGRY Cape Girardeau
    146.3 Delta-------- 1880 1965 CGRY Cape Girardeau

    146.3 Delta------- 1881 1965 CG&SW Cape Girardeau
    149.7 Cliff-------- 1881 1965 CG&SW Cape Girardeau
    151.0 Arbor------- 1881 1965 CG&SW Cape Girardeau
    153.3 Green Cox-- 1881 1965 CG&SW Cape Girardeau
    155.5 Lakeville---- 1881 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    156.1 Toga------- 1882 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    157.9 Advance---- 1881 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    161.1 Brownwood- 1882 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    162.3 Castor River 1882 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    163.? Remoc----- 1882 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    164.6 Sturdivant-- 1883 1965 CG&SW Bollinger
    166.6 Eaglette---- 1883 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    167.7 Givens------ 1883 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    169.0 Kinder------ 1883 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    169.4 Headquarters 1883 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    170.6 Idlewild----- 1883 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    174.0 Tygart------ 1883 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    17?.? Hickman----- 1883 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    175.5 Puxico------ 1883 1965 CG&SW Stoddard
    178.2 Mingo------- 1884 1965 CG&SW Stoddard

    178.1 Mingo------- 1901 1965 ARR Stoddard
    179.6 Cobb-------- 1901 1965 ARR Stoddard
    181.3 Starr Switch 1901 1965 ARR Stoddard
    182.6 Dale-------- 1901 1965 ARR Stoddard
    183.5 Hodges Ferry 1901 1965 ARR Butler

    183.5 Hodges Ferry-- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    184.6 Romine Sprs.-- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    186.2 Rombauer----- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    188.9 Sawyer------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    190.? Calvin-------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    194.6 E.Popular Bluff 1901 ---- SM&A Butler
    195.3 Popular Bluff-- 1901 ---- SM&A Butler
    Alfreys------------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Harviell------------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Taft---------------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Park---------------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Naylor-------------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Riga---------------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Torch--------------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Glenn--------------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Sinsabaugh---------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Slagle, MO.---------- 1901 1965 SM&A Butler
    Success, AR.-------- 1901 1965 SM&AA Clay
    Datto--------------- 1901 1965 SM&AA Clay
    Reyno--------------- 1901 1965 SM&AA Randolph
    Biggers-------------- 1901 1965 SM&AA Randolph
    Keller---------------- 1901 1965 SM&AA Randolph
    Running Lake--------- 1901 1965 SM&AA Randolph
    Poluca--------------- 1901 1965 SM&AA Randolph
    Pocahontas----------- 1901 1965 SM&AA Randolph

    Pocahontas----------- 1897 1986 HP&N Randolph
    Shannon-------------- 1897 1986 HP&N Randolph
    Manson--------------- 1897 1986 HP&N Randolph
    Elnora---------------- 1897 1986 HP&N Randolph
    Lesterville------------ 1897 1986 HP&N Lawrence
    Walport-------------- 1897 1999 HP&N Lawrence
    Walnut Ridge--------- 1897 1999 HP&N Lawrence
    Hoxie---------------- 1897 1999 HP&N Lawrence

    Predecessor Companies-
    1) CGRY-Cape Girardeau RY
    2) CG&SW-Cape Girardeau & Southwestern RY
    3) ARR- Arkansas RR
    4) SM&A-Southern Missouri & Arkansas RR
    5) SM&AA-Southern Missouri & Arkansas RR of Arkansas
    6) HP&N-Hoxie, Pocahontas & Northern RR

    1) Connects with St.Louis Sub, River Division at Nash.
    2) Wyes located at Nash, Brownwood, Mingo, Popular Bluff, Hoxie.
    3) Coal towers located at Popular Bluff, Hoxie.
    4) Water tanks located at Brownwood, Puxico, Popular Bluff, Sucess, Pocahontas, Hoxie.
    5) Railroad crossing towers located at East Popular Bluff.
    6) Completed to Delta 12/21/1880.
    7) Interchanges with Missouri Pacific & Cotton Belt RR at Delta.
    8) Completed to Lakeville 8/1881.
    9) Rails removed through Advance 5/6/1966.
    10) Connects with Zalma, MO. branch at Brownwood.
    11) Connects with Aquilla, MO. branch at Brownwood.
    12) Completed to Idlewild 6/25/1883.
    13) Completed to Puxico 12/1883.
    14) Completed to Mingo 1/1884.
    15) Connects with Hunter branch at Mingo.
    16) Interchanges with Missouri Pacific RR at Popular Bluff.
    17) Last train 11/30/1965 with engine SLSF#109.
    18) Rails removed Nash to East Popular Bluff 6/1966.
    19) Popular Bluff to East Popluar Bluff operated by Missouri Pacific RR as an industrial spur.
    20) Connects with Kennett, MO. branch at Popular Bluff.
    21) Interchanges with Missouri Pacific RR at Naylor.
    22) 2-Mile spur from Walport to College City, AR. abandoned 1999.
    23) Interchanges with Missouri Pacific RR at Hoxie.
    24) Connects with Memphis Sub, Northern Division at Hoxie.
    25) Rails removed Popular Bluff, MO. to Pocahontas, AR. 7/1966.
    26) Cobb to Rombauer right-of-way converted into a gravel road after abandonment.
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    Looking for old photographs of the Hoxie Sub in Hoxie, Arkansas. Any information would be deeply appreciated.
  3. klrwhizkid

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    Here are a few pictures taken at Arbor on the Hoxie Sub between Delta, Mo and Advance. (August 14, 2009).

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    Wow, Keith; I'm amazed that this old building and the blind station sign are still there!

    I used to enjoy these and the old crossbuck next to the John Deere implement dealer outside of Advance. I also recall that there used to be a blind station sign at Idlewild (near Duck Creek Wildlife area - maybe 10-15 miles out of Puxico).

    Best Regards,
  5. Jim James

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    How funny is that, Keith! I just stopped at Arbor yesterday and took some photos of the same building. It was built by the Frisco to store and ship potatos during WW II. The owner of the house behind it came out and told me he bought the Arbor sign last year at an auction and it originally stood east of it's present location. I was afraid this building would soon fall down so I snapped some pics on my way to Advance to see a home health patient. Frisco minds think alike! The trackside of the building is covered in vines. I'll go back this winter to see if it's more photogenic.

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    Jim, thanks for the insight and history on this building.

    This building would make for a swell model, not to mention a place to spot a couple boxcars for #875/876. Maybe even a good article for The Meteor for an intrepid scratchbuilder.

    Do either you or Keith have rough dimensions? If not, one can probably extrapolate from the door/window openings.
  7. klrwhizkid

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    I remember seeing blind station signs at Arbor, Green Cox, Toga, Kinder, Idlewild, and Mingo back in the 60's.
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  8. Jim James

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    This may be of very little interest to most but I would like to add to the data base of the old Hoxie Branch. This sign post is at Blomeyer which is between Nash and Delta. It is about 10' tall and is in it's original location on the north side of the old roadbed. The gravel drive behind it is on the old roadbed headed toward Nash. Points of interest for modelers is a swampy area which comes almost right up to the old roadbed about 1/10th mile east of this sign post. It is right beside where Hwy 25 and 77 split in Blomeyer. There was also a Drive-in theatre close enough to the right of way(just north of the sign post) which could be fun to model. It still stands. I will measure the Arbor potato station this fall and maybe get a photo of the trackside of the building which is obscured by summer growth right now. My beloved Zalma branch began at Brownwood which is along the Hoxie branch hence my interest. The Hoxie was abandoned in 1966 and there's a photo of the very last train at Advance which appears to be an RS-3 or 11 maybe.

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  9. yardmaster

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    Jim -
    I will have to look for this next time I'm driving between my parent's house and Cape (they live right off Hwy. 77 on the north end of Chaffee).

    As a kid we used to eat out a lot on Friday evenings at the old "Curve Inn" restaurant in Blomeyer. Wish I'd been more perceptive of the old sign post - looks like the B&B crew built the post to last!

    Best Regards,
  10. klrwhizkid

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    I would like part of my layout to be the extension of the Hoxie Sub from Nash to Poplar Bluff. I intend to keep gathering and posting more info and hope additional info will get posted by Jim, Chris and others.
  11. Jim James

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    Chris, I had a home health patient in Chaffee for physical therapy and she owned and operated the Curve-in. It's a small Frisco world. This area is actually rich in modeling posibilities.
  12. Jim James

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    Hoxie branch was built as the St. Louis, Cape Girardeau and Fort Smith Railway in 1880-1881 by Louis Houck. Here are some rare pics. In order they are: Blomeyer, Delta, Advance, Brownwood and a trestle in the Mingo swamp area. These are all dated 1880s and are from Joel Rhodes' book "A Missouri Railroad Pioneer, The Life of Louis Houck". I bought the book today but there are very few photos. Enjoy these and I hope I don't get sued for putting these on the net!

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    Thanks, Jim .. I always enjoy old pictures.
    I doubt that anyone would say anything about your pictures, but just to be on the safe side:
    Edit your post and give credit to the writer and publisher of the book.
    (As long as they get the kudos , they probably won't mind.)
  14. Jim James

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    Correction. It was built as the Cape Girardeau Railway then changed to the Saint Louis, Cape Girardeau and Fort Smith Railway soon after. This is a good book.
  15. First Frisco Train Popular Bluff ~ 1901 ?
    mp 195.3 Popular Bluff, thanks
    RogerRT for mp & date!
    smh society library Rolla
    click pic to enlarge

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