Mixed train operations on the Hoxie Sub.

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  1. what would the Frisco have used for the mixed train on the Hoxie Sub? Just picked up a TT from 57 for the River division and it has the schedule for a mixed on that line .

    Would it be just a caboose, or a combine of some sort?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. Thanks Karl!
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    I'm afraid there were some old, non-functioning links from before the site upgrade. Karl, glad you posted this; I was able to go in and either fix or redirect. I think.

    Read about 875/876, learn it and it will likely become one of your favorite Frisco trains.

    If you get a chance, go ahead and scan/post your timetable. Give one of us a shout if you need assistance.

    Best Regards,
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  5. Will do! The Hoxie Sub has penciled in check marks next to the station names starting at Harviell and ending at Walnut Ridge. No idea why. Only marks made in the entire timetable.

    Also thanks for fixing the broken links! It’s never fun to hit a wall.
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  6. From info from this site, I am assuming that the mixed didn’t handle too much freight. The photos seem to show only engine, a box car and coach. I am sure there were times it may have been longer, but I haven’t found any evidence here.

    Thanks for the help here.

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