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Discussion in 'Passenger Equipment' started by friscomike, Jan 17, 2010.

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    Did the Hallmark Meteor six car set originally include lettering instructions? My set had all the details and decals, but no instructions or written sheets. I can look on pictures and pick up how to letter them, but just wondered. I am thinking about use the supplied decals as masters and having them remade, that or spray them with Dullcoat.

    Happy rails,
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    Mike--I had forgotten the HM set had to be decaled or if it had accompanying instructions, but I can certainly help you with Meteor lettering details. That's right up my alley--Just don't ask me about DCC...:) A while back, I was trying to get a decal mfr. to do some Texas Special and Meteor decals in N scale and I borrowed a set of HM Texas Special and Meteor decals from a friend so I know what they look like. If you have questions, fire away.

    Regards, Tom

    PS: Before you get in too deep, why don't you practice with a a part of a decal sheet that you won't be using and see how durable they are?
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    Oddball Decals (you can order on line) has decals for the Meteor, but unfortunately his sets do not include the car names, so you will have to combine the original set with the Oddball set in case yours are no longer workable. I have used these and can tell you they are no problem to work with.

    Regarding TEXAS SPECIAL sets, you can still order these from Champ, again on-line.

    Greg Stout
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    Thanks folks,

    I really appreciate the responses. I'm going to scan the decals just to be safe, then I'll try one to see if it falls apart. If it does, I'll try Dullcoat next. If all else fails, I have a friend with an Alps... I may contact a manufacturer too to see if they can make some sets. One step at a time.

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    If you type in Texas Special Decals on Ebay it will give you a person in Carrollton, Texas, by the name of 'Cantonchick' that has a bunch of Hallmark Decals for sale.

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    Thanks. I'll look him up. ~mike

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