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Discussion in 'Maintenance of Way' started by Iantha_Branch, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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    I got an interesting item off of ebay the other day. It's a Frisco wreck crane made by Walthers. I have been searching, but haven't had any luck finding photo's of this particular crane. So does any one have photo's of Frisco derrick/wrecker/crane/what ever the technical name is #900054? Or info as to when it was built, repainted, were it served, etc.

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    Did you look on Mike Condren's website?
  3. Iantha_Branch

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    Yes I did. I found several pictures, but none were of 900054. I also checked the forums and the one book I have, frisco in color.

  4. TAG1014

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    Are you sure of the number? Seems like I remember the Wrecker-Crane-Derrick numbers start with 990?? Like 990054? OR 99054?? Karl B. can probably give you the low down when he sees these posts.

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    I can find no evidence of the equipment number you provided or any Frisco equipment numbered in the 900000 series.

    From Mike Condren's web site you might find the following derrick and crane list helpful. Please see http://condrenrails.com/Frisco/Frisco_Derricks.htm.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Iantha_Branch

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    I went and double checked and it's 900054. I think its an older kit, so the explanation I can come up with is they made up a number for it. Closest match I can find is 99021 and 99022, but there is a few differences between 21/22 and 54. I'll post pictures in a little bit.

  7. Iantha_Branch

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    Here are pictures of my crane.
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