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    I have reached the age where I need to start liquidating my HO collection. Before I start listing on eBay, I will give members of a chance to purchase items. Please contact me, either by starting a private conversation here or you can email me direct at: I will be glad to then send you a text listing of my rolling stock. Most of the locomotives and freight/non-revenue cars are Frisco. If any items interest you, then I will give you a price. Include a zip code if you want to know shipping cost.

    I have approximately 70 Frisco diesel locomotives, 3 Frisco steamers and several undecorated diesels such as GP7's, E7's, Uboats, etc. All of the Frisco units will have DCC, some are sound equipped.

    There are many revenue and non-revenue Frisco cars plus other RRs.

    Not listed are numerous other HO detail parts, decals, trucks and automobiles. If you have any specific wants, let me know.


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