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    Was surfing and found this site to Fred Holland's QA&P MRR.
    He did a great job on this RR and especially the general office building, man I gotta try and build one.
    You guys have any idea about how to build this building, Card stock, Plastic??
    Tom Holley

    linkto site:
  2. yardmaster

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    Tom, you're right: that depot/GOB is a dandy!

    A couple of years ago, MR had a 2-part series by Gary Hoover on building the AT&SF San Bernardino, CA depot. It, too, is of a similar mission style stucco construction. He mainly used Foamkore board with scratcbuilt styrene windows, Plastruct Spanish-tile roofing and a brand of appropriately-colored textured spray paint from a hardware store.

    I would think that a similar technique would work very well on the Frisco's various stucco depots, including the Quanah structure.

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