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    There's already a bit of discussion about backdrop colors here:

    I am looking for recommendations for other paint colors, so wanted to start a sort of combined post for everything ( I haven't found one that's already started).

    What are some recommendations for a dark green to paint the bench work/fascia with?

    What are some recommendations for a gray-ish color for a yard area to make it easier for ballast to cover?

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    I would not paint the yards a grey color.
    Yards where not constructed on concrete.
    I would paint it an earth color.
    Look at Rob Thomas layout photos.
    Ballast between yard tracks should blend sparingly to show some soil both light and dark variations and light vegetation,
    otherwise it would look like a concrete jungle.
    Look at as many layouts and prototype photos and base your color choice from them.
    Have fun!
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    I understand your concerns about the concrete jungle look. To clarify what I meant the bigger classification yards tend to be completely ballasted through the heart of it. My idea is to try and replicate this and I was thinking of putting down a base coat of light gray paint so that if there's any gaps in the ballast, it doesn't stick out so bad. See this picture of Springfield Yard

    Yes, there's some soil/debris in the yard. I think that affect can be added post ballasting just like the real thing.

    Now once you get outside of the main bowl tracks into more open areas then you'll start picking up more open soil and plants, and I'll model that accordingly.
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