Last Passenger Trains On The Road - No 101 And No 102, The Southland - Saturday, December 9, 1967

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    Passenger service ended on the Frisco with Trains No 101 and No 102, "The Southland", departing their respective points of origin, Kansas City, MO and Birmingham, AL, on Friday, December 8th, 1967.

    Train No 101 was scheduled to depart Kansas City Union Station (KCUS) depot at 9:40 AM. Train No 101 left KCUS with E8A SLSF 2020 on the point and an unidentified trailing unit, maybe somebody may know. Number 101 arrived at its Birmingham terminus sometime after 6:15 AM, Saturday, December 9th.

    Train No 102 was scheduled for a Birmingham departure at 10:30 PM. Train 102 was powered with E8A SLSF 2006 leading and E8A SLSF 2017 trailing. The "last passenger on the road" was No 102 as it continued its northward trek to Kansas City.

    The arrival of train No 102 at KCUS sometime after 7:30 PM, Saturday, December 9th, 1967, brought an end to ninety-one years of passenger service on the Frisco.

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