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    Hello everyone,
    I have a couple of question concerning the last passenger train to Wichita, I believe the train numbers were 303 and 310.
    What was the date of the last passenger train to Wichita and what was the consist? What was the usual consist in the hey day of passenger service to Wichita? Was there ever a "named train" that came to Wichita?
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    Frisco's Monett-Wichita trains 309-310 made last trips (from both terminals) originating on Saturday, October 15, 1960. Mopac, Rock Island and Santa Fe all operated name trains to or through Wichita. I suspect Frisco did the same, but I don't have specifics.
    Bill Pollard
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    I searched all forums for "Air Capital" and found the following thread (and more):

    The "Air Capital Limited," according to the 2015 TRRA Historical Society Magazine on THE METEOR had Pullman line 3403. Its debut was September, 1929, not a very auspicious time for business ventures. I am happy to say at least one of our members has a contribution in the TRRA Publication; Who, you ask? Why Meteor910, of course!
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    Thanks George. My brief reminiscences are but a very small part of this terrific work on my all-time favorite train.

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