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    I have searched for years for information about the Kentucky Lumber Co. and it's logging railroads. (pictures, maps, info, etc.) The KLCo. owned a sawmill in Sulligent, AL and operated a logging railroad with a connection with the KCM&B/SLSF. The Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, GA has a Heisler 2-truck geared locomotive built in 1924 for the KLCo. for use around Sulligent. I've been to the museum just to see it in person. If anyone can share more information, I would certainly appreciate it.
    - Brandon
    "Built 1924 by Heisler for Kentucky Lumber Company. Coal-burning, two-truck geared locomotive was later acquired by Campbell Limestone, Beverly, S.C "
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    I found some maps (again) that I discovered a while back at (Mississippi Rails) They show the Kentucky Lumber Company with "KYLCo" in two places. The first is north of Sulligent, AL, & the second place is east of White Springs, MS. The best of the 3 maps (the map for the Mississippian Railway) shows some track routes east of White Springs. I wish I could find a map showing the route all the way to a connection with the SLSF at Sulligent. Here's what I've found so far...
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