KCC&S Railroad north of Eudora

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    I am wondering if anyone has information on the KCC&S railroad north of Eudora. I'm trying to buy some land that appears to have the remnants of the rr bed, but I'm trying to determine if there are still rights owned by the R. It appears the the line was abandoned 1934 and was never built on the parcels I'm looking at.

    I would appreciate any and all information anyone could provide me.

    Thanks friends!!

    Ryndi Collier
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    I looked the 1934 and 1935 Frisco Annual Reports, and by 1935 only the Phenix-Ash Grove segment of the Osceola Sub Division, aka Leaky Roof, aka, KCCS remained on the "books". Earlier Reports note that the trackage of the KCCS was used for as collateral for Bonds. With the 1916 re-org and the 1924 "official" acquisition of the KCCS by the Frisco these debts were erased, and the need to hold the KCCS trackage as collateral was gone. I believe that with the abandonment of the KCCS, the Frisco relinquish all its claim to the KCCS ROW.

    Please check with the Polk County Clerk to verify that the railroad relinquished its claim to the ROW. I would also recommend that you go to your library, and see if the can obtain the ICC Valuation maps that were produced during the late "Nineteen Teens". Even though these maps were produced during the teens, the railroads used these maps to note changes to its trackage, and these maps often show who received title to the land after abandonment.
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  3. Ryndi Collier

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    Thank you SO very much Karl! I really appreciate your assistance and knowledge.

    The Polk County Assessor told me about some of the ROW being maintained by Ozark Greenways. I contacted OG and have made the inquiry as to if the portion of the abandoned ROW north of Eurdora is being maintained of if they have any records regarding this area. I've also asked if OG has any documentation or contact info for the specific area we're looking at, but they haven't yet got back to me.

    Again, I'm so grateful for all your help!

    Ryndi Collier
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