Kansas City Terminal Industry Schematics March 17, 1972

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    Attached schematics include:
    Rosedale Industrial Area - Zone 1
    Rosedale to 19th St Industrial Area - Zone 2
    29th St Industrial Area (The Hill) - Zone 3
    29th St Industrial Area (The Alley) - Zone 4
    8th St Industrial Area - Zone 5
    Coburg Industrial Area - Zone 6

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    This was a much larger project to take on than the previous two I worked on, but I finally have a google earth overlay for the Kansas City area done. There's a good chance that there are a few things that are a little bit off in there. KC has changed quite a bit in 50 years, and the old photos I had for reference were pretty grainy, so I had to make a few guesses here and there.

    Zones 1-6 are included in this map, as well as Merriam and all 3 zones in Lenexa. I had drawn up Olathe, but my computer froze up in the middle of it. There wasn't very much there, and I didn't feel like redoing it.

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