Joplin, MO, Carthage Subdivision, Joplin Branch, Galena Branch, Tuckahoe Branch, MP 331.5

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    Frisco had a stub-end passenger depot station on the southeast corner at South Main Street and East 6th Street.

    The tracks ran between 6th and 7th Streets to the East and crossed the Kansas City Southern (KCS) tracks east of the depot.

    Frisco trains had to pull in and back out, or back in and pull out.

    The tracks and platform went under South Virginia Street and South Pennsylvania Street.

    I will try to up load a picture.

    Edit 2/17/2024: Note the posted map image is upside down. It should be rotated 180 degrees to correctly orientate north at the top.

    The map shows the location of the downtown depot and office tower at 601 South Main Street. South Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky Avenues are all east of Main Street.

    When properly orientated by rotating 180 degrees, the bottom horizontal roadway is 10th Street. The combined freight house and after September 1, 1955 "new" depot are then just off the map at the bottom, east of South Main Street.

    That address was 1015 South Main Street.

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