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    Hey Folks,

    Forgive me for this indulgence, but I couldn't bear seeing "NEVER" in the "Date of Last Post" column for the S scale Frisco model railroading. So I'm posting this S scale Frisco stock car picture.

    Some things are just wrong, like... "1522 no longer getting to roam the rails"... "No posts for this subject matter" ... or "<insert your wish here...>"

    Moderator please move this if you feel it fits better somewhere else.

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  2. Chief

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    As they say "never-say-never"!. I do model in S scale and want to add the Frisco line to my hobby. I do currently have some Frisco boxcars but am interested in adding some diesel power. I came to this site to hopefully reasearch the prototypes.
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  3. Joseph Toth

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    I mentioned this on another thread but it seems the Frisco stockcar in S scale is manufactured by SHS and offered in their Showcase Line in several roadnames but is based on a Union Pacific prototype.

    Andre Ming probably knows?

    Joe Toth

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