Ideas Wanted: Flatcar Loads

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  1. Also,
    my wife purchases two LED light bars for fish tanks (Amazon is far less price).
    She is using those on her stainless steel rods kitchen rack.
    They have 2 white LEDs for every 1 red color bulb.
    She starts new plants under the lights. ( they work much better than non-LEDs )
    She can put greenish near-ripe tomadoes there and they get red in 1 or 2 days.

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    Getting back to the thread title "Ideas Wanted: Flat Car Loads".

    This is a Exactrail bulkhead flat with those little metal tie wires they use for artificial flowers. There is like 10 packages on this load to simulate the re-bar. I worked on this off and on for about 3 years. Started before the Exactrail car even came out. Anyways a few photos. The model as well as prototype is a very heavy car. The prototype photos were taken by me in GJ. I made the loads to be removed. Maybe some day I will put wood on the deck, but right now, its just good enough.
    Thanks for looking,

    002 (3).JPG
    003 (3).JPG
    004 (3).JPG

    006 (2).JPG
    And for the prototype images, photos by me, in Grand Junction CO.
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    Re: Your rebar load...

    3 years???

    You're a better man than I.


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