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Discussion in 'Ft. Worth Subdivision' started by robin, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. robin

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    Today (Sat. 1-4-03) I was tracing the St Louis, San Francisco and Texas line from above Denison, through
    Sherman and down to above Ft. Worth. I passed in and
    out of Howe, Dorchester, Gunter, Celina, Prosper and
    Frisco (got some shots to post later). In Celina I
    found an old ice house that may have been built by the
    railroad but I need an example of a Frisco structure
    to be sure. Any photos out there someone can post.
    Thks. Robin
  2. Bill K.

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    Did you ever post shots of Frisco on the site ?

    Bill K.


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