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Discussion in '4-8-4 Northern' started by FRISCO4503, May 5, 2010.

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    Last year I took my Hallmark 4500 in and had it worked on, Lubed, Tuned and everything, I let it set on a piece of track while I have been working on the layout. Last night after I tested the track through my tunnel on an incline with another steamer, I decided to run the 4500 up the incline and through the tunnel to see how it would do, and it is making a loud grinding whirring sound. I figure it needs a good lube again, but could something else be wrong?

    Thanks In Advance!

    P.S. The layout is coming alive guys, and I will be posting some pics very soon!
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    my thinking is that the worm gear is loose or to tight if it is a "open frame" motor if it is to tight put a "washer" that is 0.010 thick NWSL should make them.

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