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    As I was looking through the car diagrams, I noticed four different types of roofs listed. Monitor and Turtleback I am familiar with, but what are Round and Radial roofs?

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    Radial Roof:

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    Round Roof:

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    The Frisco cars with AC&F factory roofs from 1926, 1928 and 1930 are usually referred to as "round or "radial." The Frisco cars with the remodeled roofs of the 1930's and 1940's with the "fatter" profile are referred to as "turtleback" roofs. The Athearn (Santa Fe) car pictured has a similar roof to (But not exactly like) the Frisco "turtleback" roof (I believe the roofs of the cars in the b/w photo posted are something different altogether).
    Some Frisco examples would be: Frisco business cars and the heavyweight Kansas City-Florida Special named diners (Kansas City, Memphis and Birmingham) had "turtleback" roofs. The "Deluxe" coaches (1203-1207-1208-1213) and the 1928 and 1930 RPO-baggage cars (201-225) had the AC&F factory "round" or "radial" roofs.

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    Wow, I just found this thread while looking for information on a diner (I will start a new thread if I don't find what I need). This information is very enlightening to me because I had the "turtle back" and "round" roofs reversed in my head. I am certainly glad I found this because it helps me with several Frisco passenger car projects I am working on.

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