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  1. Chasentrains

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    Hi all!

    I am doing research as I plan towards my Clinton - Bolivar layout. Can anybody tell me about the switching industries in Humansville?

    Also, right now I am planning to have my major towns be Clinton and Bolivar, with the two minor spots being Osceola and Humansville. I'm pretty set on my major towns, but would anybody suggest alternatives for Osceola and Humansville? Im trying to max out switching.

    Thanks all!

  2. klrwhizkid

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    Chase, glad you have made your presence known. I assume you are interested in operating?
  3. Chasentrains

    Chasentrains Member

    I most certainly am. I have a small pocket devoted to Humansville/whatever town I end up going with, but could force in a siding and maybe some spurs. If anybody has a track diagram (I had one once but the railroad moved me from Missouri to South Dakota to Colorado and at some point it went into hiding) that would help a ton.

    I am trying to make Bolivar and Clinton as realistic as possible, but Osceola and Humansville just need to be a switching point along the line. I'm looking at 40s and 50s most likely.

    My great grandfather was an engineer in the southern MO/KS area so we grew up with my grandfather pointing out the old right of way when we would go from KC to Table Rock during the summer, and I grew up visiting 1632 in Belton as often as I could drag my parents out there. I would love to be able to model at least part of it.

    Any information towards this is very much appreciated!
  4. klrwhizkid

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    Chase, there are track profile charts for the Eastern Division, Clinton Sub and Ash Grove Sub here:
    Unfortunately Industry Schematics which show the individual spots in a given geographic location have not been posted by anyone for the Ash Grove Sub.

    Karl Brand, (username Karl) is one of our most valuable contributors, and is a Clinton and Ash Grove Sub aficionado and may have some things from his dad's notebooks as Roadmaster that may be of use to you.
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  5. Chasentrains

    Chasentrains Member

    I've seen his amazing posts! It is nice to have a group with such a vast database of knowledge. I found the track diagrams for the high line (thank you for the link!) and Humansville isnt even on there, even though the ROW goes right through the west side of town. Do you think it had a different name at some point?

    I am by no means set on having the town on my layout, and it looks like Weaubleu might offer more interest anyway. Thanks!
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  6. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Supporter

    Remember that the Leaky Roof was abandoned during 1935. Humansville was the largest community on the Leaky Roof that was not also served by the Clinton Sub. At one time there was a brick manufacturing plant, a pickle plant, grain elevator, and stock pen. I don’t believe that I have a valuation map of Humansville, but I do have some old plats. Humansville also briefly had a turntable for servicing a KC - Humansville psgr train.
  7. Chasentrains

    Chasentrains Member

    I re-traced the line,this time from Springfield, and realized my mistake. Whoops! Sorry guys, I'm still relatively fresh on the high line, I've been a CB&Q guy up until this point (I could walk you up and down the Black Hills high line blind folded!)

    I'm trying to compact the line down right now to a double loop in a spare bedroom, and it's not easy! I've cut the Clinton yard down to three tracks and it still is snug. Anyway, thanks for the helpful pointers so far!
  8. yardmaster

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    Chase, looking forward to how this develops. I have some wood ties on order to start work on my HO scale version of Clinton, so maybe your research and work will help keep me motivated as well.

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