How to remove trucks from N scale Kato F7B?

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by Paul D, May 14, 2018.

  1. Paul D

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    Trying to repair a truck on a Kato N scale F7B. I have the new truck in hand but do not see how to remove the old truck. I assumed it would it pop out if I pulled on it but that is not working. All that does is start removing the side frames. Did not want to try and get heavy handed with it without knowing how it is supposed to be removed.
    Anyone know how that truck is removed?
  2. pbender

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    You are going to have to remove the shell.

    All of the n-scale kato cab units basically go together the same way.

    There are four tabs that hold the shell on the body (they are actually part of the side window glass inserts). Roughly speaking, the tabs are above the trucks.
    The recommended procedure to get them off is to use 4 toothpicks, so you can get all 4 tabs to release at the same time.

    The trucks are held to the frame by 2 tabs on the chassis and a loop on the truck. If this is a DCC ready unit, the top of each truck is covered by a plastic shroud
    that isolates the contact strip from the frame. The tabs are under this shroud.

    (the non-dcc ready frames are a little different, but I only have one of those, and I haven't looked at it in a while.)

    I've removed the trucks without removing the shroud, but it's easier just to remove it.

    The worst part of the whole process is getting the shell separated from the chassis.

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  3. Paul D

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    Thanks. With that info, I got it done. I could lift the gray shroud enough to see the clips holding it in place. Did not need to remove the shroud. I suppose a slight side to side motion could remove the truck if the clips were not too tight. Mine were tight so I inserted a small screwdriver between the truck and the frame and gave it a slight twist. Popped right out. New truck went in with minimal pressure.
    Paul D
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