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Discussion in 'Support' started by FriscoCharlie, Jan 17, 2013.

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    We've been having some (non-smoke filled) backroom discussions about the functioning of the forum in light of some recent revelations that some folks don't know how to use certain features on the site.

    So, if there is something that you can't figure out, something that you see but you don't know how to do, something that is confusing, something that seems broken, and so on... please post here.

    If your issue is something that we can address or help you with, one of the staff members will spin your post off to a new thread and we will either answer the question(s) or post a screenshot tutorial or whatever we can do to help you.

    The goal is to help every member get the most out of the site and the more people know how to do, the less confusing anything will be.

    I know some folks don't know how to do things so they just pass on it rather than say anything. Don't be that guy. None of this is very complicated in spite of the way it appears sometimes. :)

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