How are you modeling the early pilot/ footboards on SLSF U25Bs?

Discussion in 'General Electric (GE)' started by TBTCarl, Jul 12, 2018.

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    I am modeling U25B 825 circa 1976, and photographs show 825 had the original footboards during that period. My base model is the Bowser U25B, and it did not come equipped with footboards. Most of the parts I've researched don't quite match those footboards. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I may have to kitbash the Detail Associates metal pilots with footboards to match the appearance of the prototype.

    Thanks in advance,

    Carl M., Tarpon Springs, FL
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  2. gjslsffan

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    Hi Carl
    Are you inquiring about the early U25B
    As in the high short hoods. Or low nose, as delivered version of the footboards.
  3. TBTCarl

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    Hi gjslsffan,

    I’m inquiring about the low nose units; I’m specifically modeling #825


  4. gjslsffan

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    I see what your talking about.
    While not having done an exhaustive search for parts.
    I think the DA ones are a bit wide and short myself. How about using some extra Canon & CO walkway steps, those could easily be trimmed if needed, along with some strips of styrene on the ends could do the trick.
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    I just pulled a couple off the nose end of a P2K
    GP30 that look really close.
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