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    If you study this image you will note, no less than 4 "Y"s in Quanah. Look closely and you will see 3 different connections or (Xings at grade) in Quanah with the FW&D, and this all within the city limits. Note the trackage on the North side of the "Shanty" that shows the newer main track from OK connecting and going Westward, along with a siding there too. The main yard beside the cotton oil industry, then look straight south via a 90deg Xing at grade to a small yard extending Southward. Also yet another Y going towards the QA&P depot, and spot tracks east of the xing paralleling the FW&D. When I say the QA&P begs to be modeled, you can see what I refer to in this image. What RR infrastructure for a town of ~3500 people.
    As others have said. What a little giant of a RR was the QA&P.

    QA&P circa 1970's.png
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    Looks like some “urban” modeling possibilities between 3rd St. and the radio tower. I wonder if there’s any remnants of the tracks today?
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    Hi Jim,
    Thanks, I need to do a better job of splainin some of this trackage. I am gonna try to add some more info to the image to explain a bit better.
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    Please see the attached with some additional info in red. As you can see the QA&P and FW&D had parallel trackage in Quanah. Man there were a lot of trackage, interlockings at grade and switches in that little town. Also the image shows the lot layouts, but a bunch of those lots didnt have much of anything on them. I dont remember much of anything about the small QA&P yard South of the FW&D main line, I do remember the tracks by the QA&P depot. I dont know what arrangement the QA&P and FWD had for switching the Cotton oil company and the elevator at the east end of the FW&D yard. I dont remember ever seeing a FW&D switch engine assigned to Quanah. The QA&P had at least 1 switch engine assigned to Quanah as many as 3 at one time to switch Quanah and Acme just a few miles West of Quanah. I have images of Acme which I hope to post soon. These yards are small relative to RR yards as a whole, I think I counted like 45, 40' cars on the longest track.
    Please if any questions, corrections or comments please post.

    Edit: The red circle with QA&P interlocking should read "interlockings"

    QA&P circa pre 1970's.png
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