Here are four builders Photos for SLSF 55 Ton All Steel Hopper Cars Built in 1923

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    Our museum library has one binder of very clear builders photos of various freight cars built by the Chicakasaw Shipbuilding and Car Company at their Fairfield Car Works outside of Birmingham, AL. We also have a few builders photos of the 1921 construction of the plant. We think this plant eventually was bought out and became part of the Pullman Standard company here. At any rate, there was only one SLSF car in the binder and I will attach scans of those photos for those interested. There were various types of cars built at the same time and some have close ups of trucks and other components. There are cars built for various railroads. If this plant was built in 1921 and these photos are 1923 era or so, they hadn't been building cars very long, at least not at this location. CS&CB054.jpg CS&CB055.jpg CS&CB056.jpg CS&CB057.jpg
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    These are great! Thanks!

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