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Discussion in 'Structures' started by bob_wintle, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. bob_wintle

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    Guys, just a few days ago someone posted some pictures of Tom Stolte's layout in a Thread. I haven't been able to find it. I guess I am getting old, or these sinus headaches are just blocking my memory. I would like to look at the photos again in more detail. Does anyone remember where they are posted? Thanks for any help.
    Bob (Looking forward to the First Frost) Wintle
  2. TAG1014

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    Bob--Might those photos have been on the Yahoo Frisco chat board? I think he's the moderator over there.

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  3. bob_wintle

    bob_wintle Member Supporter

    Thanks for the reply. They may have been but as I remember he wasn't the one who posted them and a friend of mine who isn't on that group saw them also. I will check though. Thanks again.
  4. FriscoFriend

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  5. bob_wintle

    bob_wintle Member Supporter

    Thanks for the link Bob, man those are some nice looking elevators. Thanks again Buddie.
  6. bob_wintle

    bob_wintle Member Supporter

    Mystery solved. It was in the NMRA Turkey Creek Division Lightning Slinger. Thanks to my pal Rick McClellan for figuring that out. Please excuse my Senior moment. Yes Mr. Katyslug I am getting older too.
    El Bob Oh

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