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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Jimmy Ray, Mar 12, 2023.

  1. Jimmy Ray

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    Glad to have run across this group. I have had an interest in the Frisco Org for some time now. I grew up in Oklahoma, but my dad's family all lived near Springfield, Missouri. He told me stories of his cousins riding on the Frisco from Springfield to Oklahoma. The track ran across the section of land that my great-grandfather homestead back 1893. He was hit by a North bound Frisco passenger train in 1926 on the crossing at Memorial Rd. in front of his home. I have been trying to learn more about the incident but I haven't found any documentation on the accident. I have learned that the Locomotive was a 4-8-2 Baldwin and the passenger cars were Pullmans. I have an N Scale model of the locomotive and I am currently building a diorama that will show the home place and the Poole Crossing where he was killed. So any suggestions will be appreciated as I proceed. I will also be adding a diorama of the track near Spencer, OK where my grand uncle had a general store right off the track. This would be in the 1956-58 time frame and I will eventually get around to identifying what locomotive might have been used in that time frame.
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    Welcome to the forum. My grandfather was born in the Joplin, MO area in 1908 and grew up on a farm there. He spent his entire adult life working as a lineman for the QA&P--a Texas subsidiary of the Frisco. I've never lived in Missouri and know very little about it, so other forum members will have to chime in on your specific requests.
  3. skyraider

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    Forgot to ask...what part of Texas are you in? My wife and I live in west central Texas, about 55 miles NNW of Abilene.
  4. Jimmy Ray

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    North of Fort Worth...North Richland Hills
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    Jim, Welcome Aboard!
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    Hi Jim,
    Welcome to Frisco.org!
  7. skyraider

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    If you take 820 west to 199; NW through Azle to Jacksboro; west on 380, you'll come to our little village of Rule, TX.

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