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    Hello fellow Frisco fans...

    My interest in the Frisco Railroad is from my family. Frisco was the railroad that went through the tiny crossroads community of Hybart, Alabama (on the Pensacola Line). And that is my family connection - it seems that the community wasat one time known as Vredenburgh Junction (for the nearby sawmill town of Vredenburgh). But legend has it that my grandfather, who ran the general store at Vredenburgh Junction (and who probably got most of the freight), bribed the local Frisco agent (a Mr. Jones, I believe) with the offer of a free hat if he would get Frisco to change the name of the stop to Hybart, which they did (no doubt the agent also was motivated by the fact that Hybart was a lot less to write than Vredenburgh Junction!) The communiity was so tiny that for entertainment, the local kids would go to the depot at night just to watch the Frisco passenger train come through.
    Unfortunately, the Hybart Frisco depot was torn down suddenly about 30 years ago, and nobody around seems to have any clear photos of it. I've inquired at the Springfield Library Frisco photo collection, but they have no depot photos or other info. If anybody does have any even halfway decent photos of the Hybart depot and/or any other information, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share it or e-mail to me.
    Thanks, and BTW this is a great website!
    -Fred Hybart
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    Howdy Fred,

    Neat story, thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you'll find more information about the Hybart depot and share it on FRISCo_Org.

    Thanks for looking us up,
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    Beth, thanks for posting the picture.
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  5. Thanks for sharing!

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