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  1. Well lets see, I love railroading (obviously), I am from SE Kansas and of lately have been trying to research the line from Miami, OK to Columbus, KS concentrating more on the Baxter Springs area. Love what I have read and found here so far! See you around:cool:
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    Welcome aboard!

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    Mike, Welcome Aboard!
    Be sure to stop by the How-To section of the forum for useful tips.

    If you have any relevant pictures or materials to share, feel free to do so.
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    You have come to the right place to find out your information. Hang in there a few days and someone will hopefully post some of the information that you have requested. Just for clarification, are you referring to the NEO?
  5. NEO for sure, I have been doing alot of looking on google earth the last few days and I can definetely see where some old lines used to run from baxter through picher/cardin and down towards miami. Also very interested in the Baxter Springs area!
    Thanks guys for the nice welcome.
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    I have several maps of the Miami, Picher, Cardin, Baxter area that include the NEO on them. I also have a copy of an NEO employee timetable. I live in southeast Kansas and if you are interested we could meet up and look over the stuff I have. I also have a couple of friends that have done research on the NEO and the mines and railroads in your area and are a wealth of information.

    John Chambers
  7. Hey John, sorry for the year late reply. If your still interested in meeting up sometime that would be great. I've been to the museum in Baxter and there really isnt much info at all.

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