Hackett, AR, Arthur Subdivision, Mansfield Branch, MP 431.0, Arthur Sub, Central Branch, MP 431.0

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    Hackett, AR depot. :)

    1923 Sanborn map.

    Old photograph from the 1970s.

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    Please see the following link for a former trackside view of the depot from Hackett, AR.


    Originally the depot's agent or operators bay faced north. The former original address was 205 Kansas Street. The depot has been relocated north out of Hackett to near Bonanza, AR and preserved.

    The building has been nicely restored and saved for a new purpose. The former baggage / freight room door has been modified with a standard entry door with glass window and the overhead transom lite replaced with stained glass. A screened in deck porch has been added to the rear of the depot.

    The current location address is 14507 White Bluff Road, Fort Smith, AR. The building is currently occupied as a private residence.

    Hope this helps.


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  3. Last year my mom worked the U.S. Census and it lead us here during the summer.

    The owners have several railroad signs and a Kansas City Southern (KCS) bay window caboose on their property. They also seemed to have some MOW speeders sitting in a barn on the edge of the property.

    Ultimate railroad fans house. I want to have something like that some day. :) To get something nice like that I better just keep saving my pennies and hope to get employed by the Arkansas and Missouri (A&M) Railroad some day. :p

    It is a really neat place to see sometime.

    I wonder who owns it?

    Ship it on the Frisco!

    Murphy Jenkins
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