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    My grandfather on my mother's side was a career lineman with the Frisco. He was initially stationed in Missouri (mom was born and lived the first 10 years of her life in Springfield, so probably near there) and then transferred to Quanah, TX, where he became a division lineman on
    the QA&P. He was there for the remainder of his career--probably the last 15 or 20 years.

    He left me quite a few pieces of memorabilia. I've attached a photo of some of them and two scans of his rail pass which I keep in a small cedar chest. The small lapel pin says Frisco--don't know if it was a safety award or what. The tiny pocket knife he kept on the chain with his pocket watch (unfortunately, didn't get the watch). The date nail is a 1953 date nail--hard to read. The piece in the back of the photo is a rubber stamp of some kind, and Frisco is backwards so the image will read forwards when stamped.

    If any of you know anymore about any of this, please chime in and educate me!


    Paul Moore
    IMG_3471 copy.jpg Grandfather's rail pass.jpg Grandfather's rail pass back.jpg
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    Oops...should have looked at the lapel pin closer. It says Quarter Century.

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    That lapel pin was given to Frisco employees with 25 years of service with the company. The key looks like a switch lock key.
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    I've got two of those keys on my key ring. :)

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