Grandbury, TX, Ft. Worth and Rio Grande (FW&RG), Fort Worth Subdivision, MP 774.4

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    Thanks Paul,

    I knew I liked it out here.

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    Please see the following link for a street side view of the Grandbury, TX depot. Landmarks/HL-27, 109 Ewell St.PDF

    The depot's agent / operator bay faces north. Railroad west is to the left. The depot was built in 1914 by the Frisco as part of the Fort Worth and Rio Grand Railway which was sold to the Santa Fe in 1937. The Santa Fe operated the line as its Dublin Subdivision (Fort Worth - Ricker, TX). The Santa Fe donated the depot to the city in 1983.

    The depot address is 109 Ewell Street. Sanborn maps indicate the addess was also known as 247 North Houston Street (west end) and 214 North Crockett Street (east end). It is currently occupied as a museum by the Granbury Historic Railroad Depot (817) 573-5299.

    Hopefully Mike can drop by, take some additional photographs and post them here for all to enjoy. It would be nice to have square on shots of each side, trim details and the interior if possible. Field measurements are also most helpful for any interested modelers.

    Hope this helps.


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