GP7 Units Equipped With Oscillating Warning Lights

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    I have recently seen a picture somewhere of a Frisco GP7 with an operating oscillating light.

    I am not sure which end of locomotive. Also I do remember seeing a westbound extra freight on the Rolla Subdivision as a youngster with an operating oscillating light.

    Can anyone shed information on which locomotive(s) had them?


    Bob Zucco
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    This question has been addressed before.

    Please see the following link.

    Only two of Frisco's General Motors (GM) Electro-Motive Division (EMD) GP7 locomotives were equipped with oscillating lights.

    GP7 SLSF 560 had a Mars Signal Light Company brand oscillating light on the front short hood end.

    GP7 SLSF 606 had a Pyle National brand Gyralite on the front short hood end.

    In both cases the standard headlight was lowered to accommodate the installation of the oscillating light above it on the front short hood. The additional lights were later additions to the GP7 locomotives.

    They were the test beds for ultimately choosing the best brand and model to equip other road freight and road switcher locomotives starting in the late 1960s.

    Also, from the Frisco Archive please see the following link to a photograph of GP7 SLSF 606.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks very much.

    I saw one of the two GP7s in service leading a westbound extra mid hot summer afternoon at Moselle, MO circa 1957 or so.

    As a youngster I was very much impressed with oscillating light and Leslie 5 chime air horn.

    The locomotive was leading two other GP7s full throttle getting ready to assault Iron Hill on the Rolla Subdivision.
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