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  1. Orange Crush

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    There has been a question raised about the fuel tank capacity of Friscos GP35's with the air tanks on the roof (since it is larger) vs. a standard fuel tank for a GP35. Does anyone know?

    Brian Ambrose
  2. meteor910

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    Brian -

    Frisco GP35 fuel oil capacities:

    SLSF 700-716, 3000 gallons (larger fuel tank requiring air tanks mounted on top of hood)
    SLSF 717-724, 3000 gallons (redesigned fuel tank allowing normal placement of air tanks)
    SLSF 725-731, 2850 gallons (Alco FA/FB trucks, requiring slightly smaller fuel tank)
    SLSF 732, 3000 gallons (same fuel tank as 717-724)

    The desire for 3000 gallon fuel capacity in the GP35's was to match the 2900 gallon fuel capacity of the Frisco GE U25b's.


    ps - The standard EMD fuel oil tank on the GP35 when the Frisco ordered SLSF 700-716 was either 1700 gallons or 2600 gallons. Since the 2-cycle GP35 567 engine was a bit less fuel efficient than the 4-cycle GE U25b FDL engine, the Frisco specified a special extra large fuel tank design on their first GP35's so the two types would match up. In subsequent GP35 orders, EMD had realized the need for a larger fuel tank option without the need to relocate the air tanks.
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  3. Orange Crush

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    Thanks for the ps to compare the standard and Frisco GP35's Ken. 3000 vs 1700 is quite a difference and probably made the GP35's a lot heavier when fully fueled I would imagine.

    Brian Ambrose
  4. renapper

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    In regard to the 3000 Gallon fuel tanks that required the air tanks to be mounted on the roof, has anyone modelled such a fuel tank on an Athearn Blue Box model? What technic do you use?

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