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    Good evening everyone,

    I did a search, and didn't find a designated thread about this, so I'll go ahead and start a thread. A very handy tool I have discovered lately is the google earth program that you can download on your PC. In the past, I've had fun attempting to trace old rail lines that have been pulled up and see if I could figure out who it belonged to, and where it ran to/from. I just found something that makes this process much easier. With the google earth program, you can download overlays of most of the class 1 railroads and load them into the program. You can select/deselect as desired. Most of them even have information on build dates and acquisitions. I am impressed at how much they have available, and how detailed and accurate these files are.

    Google Earth can be downloaded from here (you must be using Chrome to download it):

    This site is where I have been pulling all of my files from:

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    That's pretty slick, Ethan. Do you find that you can zoom in fairly closely for, say, a block-by-block view?

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    I just discovered this, it will stay with you all the way down into street view. That just added even more use to this program.

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