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Discussion in 'MTH and Other Timplate' started by gstout, Aug 20, 2014.

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    I have a LOT of GarGraves track, including a number of turnouts left over from a previous modeling effort. This is the track with wood ties, black center rail, etc., you know the drill, At the present time it is just sitting around boxed up, doing nothing. If there are any 3-rail modelers there who could use this stuff, send me a PM and I am sure we can do a deal. As I recall, at the time I bought it new, there was about $1200.00 worth of it. I am tossing this figure out not because that is what I expect to sell it for, but to give anyone interested an idea of how much of it there is.

  2. gstout

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    Well, I see it has now been a little more than two years since I originally put up the For Sale sign for this 3-rail track, and the phone hasn't exactly been ringing off the hook, so let mew try this again. As the earlier post indicates, I have quite a bit of 3-rail GarGraves track that I would like to see put to use by somebody. My inventory includes #6 and #8 turnouts, flex track and both 88" and 96" radius curved sectional track. There are also some pretty nice semi-scale extruded aluminum passenger cars and a REAL Lionel ZW transformer. I will entertain ANY offers at all as this has been sitting, and will continue to sit until someone comes along to befriend it. Please give me a shout if interested, and thanx!

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    Do you still have the track?
  4. gstout

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    It seems like I should, but for whatever reason, I can't find it. I will let you know if I do. I know I sold the ZW, but I do still have the Phoenix cars.

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    If you find it Would you be able to ship to southeast mo?
  6. magistrate

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    Hi Greg,

    I bought both the track and the ZW from you a couple of years ago for my brother who is into 3 rail. I thought I would save you the trouble of searching .

  7. klrwhizkid

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    Hunter, Greg lives in Cape Girardeau...
  8. gstout

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    I remember now. Hope he's enjoying it.

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    Darn. Should'a let Greg search and search and search... soon he would begin to wonder if senility had set in... and then he would begin to wonder if the DnD* stage was just around the corner... and...

    (* DnD = Drool n' Diapers stage.)

    We could'a had some fun watching Greg trying to figure out where that darn track was!


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