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Discussion in 'General' started by Rancho Bob, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Rancho Bob

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    A very close friend and inspiration for returning to HO scale has constructed a super-detailed module. In one corner a car shop -slash - rip track with nothing other than an errant Frisco Transportation Company trailer for storage.

    Have a look :cool:


    AB Dean |-|
  2. Joseph Toth

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    How about getting the FTC trailer back in revenue service and replacing with a BN trailer? BN deserves no better! I like the crossbucks! They are properly weathered. So many beautiful layouts with plastic crossbucks retain their plastic shine to them! Also, so many modelers who model the 50s and 60s have boxcars on their roster with the roofwalks removed! BE CAREFUL when you model the era when catwalks were still in use. If you have a desire to run trains in the transition period thats fine but please watch out if you run the trains before the mandate that ordered their removal!

    Even a great N scale Mopac layout featured some years ago in Model Railroader had some 40 foot boxcars without the catwalks and the year modeled predated the mandate! The beautiful Mississippi, Alabama & Gulf HO layout modeled in 1955 has an improper Coca-Cola (Reg.U.S.Pat.Off.) sign underneath an awning of a cafe that didnĀ“t show up until the new image was introduced in the 70s!

    These little, albeit improper details, stick out like a red-orange and white Frisco diesel on a layout in the black and yellow era.

    Joe Toth
    The Trinity River Bottoms Boomer

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