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    Found this while cleaning out a desk drawer:

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    Thanks Robert for these historical gems. I can still remember my grandpa Cooper loving to work with these guys. It was such a small place, everyone knew everyone, their families and all. It was just a great little RR to work for, if you had the seniority to work it. I mean those old heads saw it all, from that little part of the world. I am planning on being in the area the first half of September. Would like to meet you if I can.
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    Bill Clawson and LL Tidmore were members of the last remaining QA&P crew. A group picture of all 5 men is in the Hofsommer book, Quanah Route. Bill Smith was one of the many people who moved to Enid when the hotshot trains were rerouted to Avard. There was a 6th person on the Quanah crew, a fireman, who was kept qualified to cover vacancies when Clyde and/or Dee were unavailable. He was a cowboy named Charlie Sparkman, and he was called for duty all during the time I was in Quanah on the switcher. He told me he had not been called in years. Of all the nights we worked together on the switcher he operated the locomotive only once.
    Tom, I live and work on a ranch in Winkler county, TX. If you get within 50 miles of Kermit or Andrews, TX then give me a shout.
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