Frisco train wreck at Mustang, OK

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    I don't want to argue with the guy who was running the train but the merger was November 21, 1980. After that it didn't take long for all engines to get stenciled BN and their new numbers applied. The pictures I have of the 2315 in Stroud were taken with some cheesy little camera I bought for a dollar. I'm leaning toward summer 1981. The last Frisco engines were painted by end of 1983. 3100 and 6840 I think were the last two. Steve.|-|
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    I stand corrected! I do believe you are right.

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    I am probably way behind on this posting, but live a mile north of where the accident occured. I was just a kid at the time and barely remember the event. I know we were evacuated for an afternoon. I'll contact the local paper and see if the have the story and pics.
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    Wow! After seeing those pics, it really is amazing that a number board came out as pristine as the one I found!
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    A chance encounter allowed me to document the aftermath of a collision between Burlington Northern GP38-2 2315 (ex-SLSF 460) and a truck at the NE 10th Street grade crossing in Oklahoma City. I photographed it in the middle of April, 1981. I determined the rough time period of the encounter based on images on various black & white contact sheets made from my Kodak Tri-X film negatives. The images immediately proceeding 2315 are of SP units I shot while TDY in support of exercise Border Star 81 to El Paso with the 3rd Combat Communications Group from Tinker AFB. That exercise ended on 8 Apr 1981, after which we convoyed back over the course of several days. The first photos after 2315's wreck that I can positively date are of the space shuttle Columbia as it passed through Tinker AFB after its first flight on 27 Apr 1981. The logical conclusion is that I encounter the wrecked 2315 in the middle of April, likely on a weekend. As to the location, I had determined that several years ago, though I don't recall what material I used at the time to verify it. A look at Google Maps' current satellite image and street view are unrevealing, as they do not illustrate the large storage tanks in the background of several of my shots. A 1986 US Geological Survey map, however, clearly shows a tank farm featuring two large storage tanks like those in my photo. Having nailed down the rough date and location, I felt I should post my findings and photograph to the edification any interested parties.

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    Local fire inspectors check out the damage on 2315.

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  9. I am the girl that was in the car that was hit in Bristow, OK on Sunday night around 11:30 P.M. on March 3, 1974 by the Frisco train. I am here now only because God chose to grant me a miracle and let me keep my life. I don't have any pictures of that accident or the 1965 SS Impala I was driving. I can't find any information about the accident online anywhere so I would enjoy seeing any pictures or information. Also thankful for my football playing boyfriend who came by right at that minute to rip the door off my car and peel the clutch & brake up off my lower leg to get me out.
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    The 2315 wreck was 4/21/1981. There is a basic report (including # 2315 as it was leading) at [FRA database]

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