Frisco SW9, SLSF 310

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    The Frisco had ten EMD SW9's, SLSF 305-314. The first nine had m/u capability; for some reason the last unit, SLSF 314, did not.

    There were several SW9's assigned to Lindenwood Yard, and often they ran in pairs, cab to cab. Remember the two b/y SW9's running together with the o/w caboose in my recent "Dreary Day" posting? - the pic with smoky SW1500 SLSF 337 plus the top view of the autorack full of Jeeps - they were cab to cab.

    In the case of SW9 SLSF 310 below, it was running alone. This pic was snapped from the Lindenwood Yard pedestrian bridge over I-44, in August 1979. Looks like the pic was taken late in the day, into a bright but overcast western sky.


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