Frisco Passenger Trains into Joplin, Mo

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    Does anyone know how passenger trains were routed into Joplin?

    My best guess based on what I have found so far is...

    From Springfield, MO
    323.3 Oronogo Junction
    Red Plant
    327.0 Webb City (Carterville)
    East Joplin
    Cross KCS
    332.5 Joplin Frisco Station (back in)
    Cross MoPac
    Cross SLSF
    J&G Junction
    Ruth Yard
    Iron Gates
    Old Rock
    341.6 Galena, KS
    349.0 Riverton, KS
    349.7 Baxter Springs, KS
    And then on to Kansas City

    Does anyone know when the Frisco ended passenger train service to Joplin? I have seen 1955 quoted and I know the Wichita trains ended in 1960.

    Any help is appreciated.
    |-|Mike Sypult
    Rogers, AR
  2. Karl

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    You didn't say during which time frame.

    I have a Northern Div ETT No 9, May 6 1923, which shows 19 daily passenger trains serving Joplin. Can any other Frisco town boast that many passenger trains at this date?

    See the attached map for routings

    303 Joplin Psgr
    304 St Louis Psgr
    305 SW Limited
    306 St Louis Special
    186 Joplin Accomdation
    187 Oklahoma Accomodation
    188 Joplin and OK Express
    181 Oklahoma Local
    311 Kansas Mail
    312 St Louis Express
    316 Springfield Express
    317 Joplin Accom
    321 KC Psgr
    323 KC Special
    324 Joplin Special
    325 KC Express
    326 Local Psgr
    372 Joplin Limited
    329 Local Psgr
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  3. Karl

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    By 1939, the depression and concrete highways had killed most brancline psgr traffic. Two trains remained, the KC-Tulsa Oil Fields Special, and the St Louis-Wichita trains.

    ETT No 30 May 1939
    117/118 The Oil Fields Special
    320/323 The Oil Fields Special, Since the OFS traversed the J&G Junction to the Joplin Depot twice as it entered and then left town, a separate "train" was established so there were not two trains 117 or 118 traveling between those points.

    303 The Kansas Mail
    310 The St Louis Special
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  4. slsf580

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    Thanks for the excellent post. The 1915 Joplin District map is very helpful.

    I guess I should have been more specific as to time frame. I was thinking along the lines of the last couple of decades of Frisco passenger service into Joplin (1940 to 1960).

    Do you know when the Oil Fields Special made its last run into Joplin? I show the last Wichita train to have run October 16, 1960. Would this have been the final SLSF passenger train into Frisco Station?

    Your map shows the Frieght House at 10th Street. Was the 5 stall wooden roundhouse in this area as well?

    |-|Mike Sypult
    MP 333 Central Division

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