Frisco in Color Vol. 2

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    Has anyone deciphered the photo on page 18 of Greg Stout's Frisco in Color, Volume 2? The picture shows a Missouri Pacific caboose coupled ahead of a Frisco caboose (I suppose on a Frisco train??) at Fort Scott in 1957. Any ideas why there's a MoPac caboose in that train?

    Tom G.
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    What? You're just getting around to reading it?

  3. TAG1014

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    I've read it until it's almost ragged, but I still don't understand that picture!! :)

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    Maybe you will have a new one soon.

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    OK, Tom, here’s my WAG regarding the MOP caboose at Ft Scott. One possibility might be that it’s a MOP detour over the Frisco. MOP power on the head-end, manned by a MOP crew and with a Frisco pilot aboard. On the rear, there is a MOP caboose, which may or may not be manned by a MOP crew. Bringing up the rear is Frisco caboose for a Frisco conductor and brakemen
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    Seems reasonable.


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