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    Can any of you tell me if Frisco owned any high cubes with the 'quad sets' of doors on each side, as opposed to the ones with a single pair of doors? I have seen nice Athearn HO models of the latter, as well as in N scale by Bluford Shops, but can't remember ever seeing a Frisco high cube with two sets of doors on each side....
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    The Frisco did not own any of the 8 door version 86' high cube box cars with 2 pair sets of side doors (4 doors total each side). Please see

    The Company did operate the 4 door version with slight variations from at least 3 manufacturers including Thrall Car Company (SL-SF 9100 - 9109) built 1964, Pullman Standard Company (SL-SF 9120 - 9133) built 1967-1968 and Greenville Steel car Company (SL-SF 9134 - 9138) built 1969-1970.

    The Athearn version is of this type car is most similar to the Thrall Car Company version. Please see

    The Walters version of this type car is most similar to Pullman Standard version. Please see (N scale), or (HO scale).

    Hope this helps.


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    Mark, thank you!!
    Assume nothing; as in I always assumed that if any railroad owned at least 1 type of these high cubes, they'd operate BOTH types!!!! Your answer explains why I'd never seen any of the 8 door versions!!!

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