Frisco GP38-2's Released in Z by AZL

Discussion in 'Z Scale' started by Doug A., Aug 15, 2020.

  1. Doug A.

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    Just joined the group and thought I'd provide an update. Earlier this year AZL announced another run of GP38-2's and this group includes Frisco! The models were just released about a month ago and they look nice. (y) I don't have one but just from the pics I've seen online.


    I'm reluctant to admit I'm modeling in Z because I know from my years in N that N-scale and especially Z-scale is where "train forum street-cred" goes to die. :(o_O But that's the reality. I model BNSF-era but I do have one of the Frisco covered hoppers by AZL in the mix. Also plan to get one of the Micro-Trains ribside boxcars. Both of these freight cars were still around in the 2005 timeframe I model. Covered hoppers still are...not sure if any of the boxcars are left roaming about though.
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    Modeling in Z scale presents one with gaps in availability of rolling stock vs N and HO, akin to gaps in availability of HO Frisco rolling stock vs Sante Fe rolling stock (the modeling path of least resistance).
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  3. Doug A.

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    Keith, that's very true. A lot of stand-ins and 3ft rule in play. And "squint a little and it looks ok". :whistle:

    But, things are getting better. And I've been able to get some stuff 3D printed to fill in some voids.
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  4. klrwhizkid

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    I am amazed at what technology has done to make Z scale a reality, and am thrilled that you can find your niche in the world's greatest hobby.
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