Frisco F7B's, "Enid" Negative Collection

Discussion in 'F7' started by meteor910, Nov 22, 2009.

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    It seems we rarely have good close-up pics of Frisco F3/7/9 B-units. Here are three F7B's from my "Enid" negative collection, each in o/w and renumbered.

    SLSF 5125, EMD F7B, renumbered to SLSF 125
    SLSF 5132, EMD F7B, renumbered to SLSF 132
    SLSF 5135, EMD F7B, renumbered to SLSF 135

    Note they carry no dynamic brake fan (can you see that Intermountain ???); also note the characteristic F7 fabricated side grill and the SLSF-applied lifting screen spark arrestors.

    Also note the front truck on 5125 (really the rear truck) - it uses the early square wheel bearing housing rather than a Hyatt roller bearing.


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  2. Sirfoldalot

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    Nice pics - Ken.
    For the noodle, why the difference in the "hubcaps" on the trucks?
    125 has three different types,
    132 has two different types, and
    135 has all the same.
  3. meteor910

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    Sherrel - Over the spectrum of F-unit models, EMD, and the railroads, specified different truck bearings and other parts to the Blomberg B truck as improvements were made. Each type looked a little different.

    As the units were shopped over their service life, a mixture of rebuilt truck bearings were re-used, so eventually, they were all mixed together to a large degree.

    Glad you are enjoying the "Enid" negative pics. I only have a couple more to post - the rest of them are a bunch of o/w GP7's, GP38's & GP38-2's. Nothing too unique. Nobody is likely much interested in them. ;)

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    Sez who?!?!? ;)
  5. yardmaster

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    Ken -
    While my heart is with steam power, (and the idiosyncrancies employed by West Springfield), pictures like these are a good reminder that the diesel era modeler has quite a bit of variety from which to choose...variety that can make the prototype modeling exasperatingly fun.

    Great pictures and an excellent reference for Frisco modelers.

    Best Regards,
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    "feed me Seymour... feed me..." lol... these are great... all these different threads with new pics. Diesels, steamers... I'm feeling like a FRISCO junkie, and it feels good...

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