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    Attached are photos of three different makes of the Allied Full Cushion truck. The car is an Inter Mountain kit with the appropriate corners. The resin parts and decals were offered by Joe Pennington about 12 years ago.

    Trucks left to right: Walthers, Athearn, and Hallmark.

    John Sanders

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    Boy, those Athearn trucks are the best looking, especially from a detail point of view.
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    Thanks John. The Athearn Allied FC truck really looks nice. I'm now thinking of ordering a pack of them for my two Frisco BX's, as they look way better than the old Eastern Car Works ones I have.

    The Intermountain 1937 AAR box car model is the old IMWX (an Intermountain predecessor) model, one of the first of today's generation of really, really nice detailed HO kits and RTR's. They did the car in both the square corner post version (the car had square corners), and the "W" corner post version (the car had rounded corners). The Frisco used the square version. Red Caboose eventually also marketed the old IMWX car; Red Caboose is now part of Intermountain.

    Joe Pennington's decals are really nice, and he was always full of Frisco knowledge and ready to share. Has anyone heard from Joe lately?

  4. John Sanders

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    The side-by-side comparison of the side frames is helpful in making a decision although the Athearn trucks may be the only ones available right now. I think the Athearn side frames and journal lids have the nicest detail, but the Walthers trucks have outside hung brake shoes and the Athearn do not. The Hallmark are a historic curiosity and probably will not be used on my cars.

    John Sanders

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