Frisco E7's & E8's in O Scale Brass

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    I am working with Key Imports and will be importing the Frisco Race Horse E7's and E8's in May or June 2010. This is a exclusive run in very limited numbers. If anyone is interested please check out my web site.

    Roger Lewis

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    May and June 2010 have come and gone. Have these models actually been produced? Are there any model or pre-production photos of the Frisco E-7 and E-8's available? Or was this just a "feeler?"

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    All of the"O" scale E7's, E8's, and E9's from Key were delivered a long time ago including the Frisco E7's & E8's. I only produced 8 Frisco E units and they each had a unique name.
    Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge the photos.
    DSC_1155-W.jpg DSC_1136-W.jpg

    Go here for more photos of the late E Units.


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