Frisco Depot Walnut Grove, MO

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    Hello Frisco Folks

    Here is a photo of the Frisco Depot in Walnut Grove, Mo

    Take care, Rich

    Ship it on the Frisco!

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    From my father's field notes; circa early 60's

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    From Richard Crabtree on the Frisco Rails Across Missouri Facebook group:
    The KCC& S and the Frisco Highline both went through or near Walnut Grove, Missouri. In early days the site of Walnut Grove was widely known as "Possum Trot"and was first incorporated as Walnut Grove in 1866. The Frisco Highline on the east side of town came through in 1884. The Kansas City, Clinton & Springfield Railroad ~ aka Leaky roof opened a station in 1885 closer to town. I found a a great aerial photo showing The KCCS and Highline in August of 1938.
    Photo 1) Frisco/KCCS Depot in Walnut Grove Mo around 1900
    Photo 2) Frisco Depot Walnut Grove Mo blueprint 1884 ~ MSU Digital Collection
    Photo 3) August 1938 Aerial of the KCCS ~ Leaky Roof and Frisco Highline near Walnut Grove, Missouri ~ MSU Digital Collection
    Photo 4) Frisco Depot in Walnut Grove, Missouri 1960s
    Walnut Grove Depot ca ~1900.jpg Walnut Grove Depot plan.jpg Walnut Grove aerial image 1938.jpg Walnut Grove Depot ca ~1960s.jpg
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