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Discussion in 'S Scale' started by Joseph Toth, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Joseph Toth

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    Check out for a QA&P box car and Frisco/Texas Special passenger car kits in S scale. American Models still has their S scale Frisco U25B and bay window caboose in o/w and a tuscan red wood sided caboose listed as available on their website as well.

    Joe Toth
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  2. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    Should be not ,net. Thanks Joe for the posting as it's nice to see all the great Frisco items being produced.
  3. Joseph Toth

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    I just edited my message and made the correction. I apologise. Also, I put it in the S scale section without thinking to titel the thread accordingly. I hope the Frisco Folks in the other scales don't attempt to Tar & Feather me for this blunder as well. It is heart warming to see Frisco represented in most of the scales from Z to G and I know there are modelers who have indoor layouts as well as a garden railroad in their back yard. Z scale hasn't seen many Frisco models and I doubt if TT ever did.

    I'm surprised that TT didn't take off to become the leading small scale instead of N scale. It was popular in E. Germany and after the reunification of E. and W. Germany has continued to have dedicated followers. The models are European. I imigine many Frisco modelers have never heard of TT scale.

    Anyway, S Helper Service has released several Frisco models in S scale as has American Models. One problem continues of course. AM released their E8s in Texas Special as has Lionel with their AF PAs. This is probably overlooked and accepted by the tinplate operators as was the Lionel O gauge F3 and HO FA back in the 50s and 60s. MTH has purchased the S scale product line from S Helper but is just getting started with marketing these excellent S scale models. No Frisco yet but you can bet that Mike Wolf will offer same in time.

    Joe Toth
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    I remember as a kid, seeing some TT models at Tinkertown, and thinking they had their own brand!! Oh, to be innocent again!! lol :0)
  5. DanHyde

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    There are still a few G scale Frisco cars to be found, but it may be a void for a while with Aristocraft out of the large scale business! Sad, sad!

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