FRISCO and ATSF locomotives line up at Tulsa station

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  1. Since FRISCO ATSF MKT is connected to the station of Tulsa, I created a picture of FRISCO E7 and ATSF FT lined up in the station or on the premises.
    Unfortunately, I only have AB for KEY ATSF FT, so please forgive me.
    I'm sorry if the historical evidence is wrong.
    I am enjoying doing this.


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  2. klrwhizkid

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    That O scale #2000 is absolutely gorgeous!
  3. Hi klrwhizkid

    Thank you for your reply.
    I also like 2000 very much.
    I think it's a really gorgeous and beautiful paint.
    Originally, I should post a photo showing the Model in a layout with a diorama, but I'm sorry that such a background is a monotonous photo.
    I mainly collect the diesel locomotive O Scale Brass Model and it will be about 40 units, but FRISCO has only 2 units of 2000 2002.
    It's a dream, but I hope I can also have a F3 F7 FP7 F9 Brass Model with FRISCO's black and yellow paint.

  4. skyraider

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    There's a little O scale in my collection. If space were not an issue I would absolutely model O scale!!! The 2000 is beautiful, as are the Key FT's. Those FT's Key imported were spectacular locomotives. They were also expensive...

    A little thread drift...about the finest O scale ever produced, in my opinion, was the late Katsumi stuff imported by Westside. They were not only solid Japanese models--heavier gauge brass, good soldering, Katsumi gearbox, etc.--but the detail was beautiful, as well. The good old US Hobbies stuff made by Katsumi was nice, also. Several years ago I owned a Westside PRR M1A with the short tender that was one of the late Westside O scale models.

    Enjoy your O's really nice.

    Paul Moore
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  5. Mr Moore

    Thank you for your warm reply.
    When I was young, I was looking forward to the Japanese HO Scale model, but after that I became interested in the American model and enjoyed HO Scale.
    After being impressed by the power of O Scale, the main became O Scale.
    I am very interested in streamlined diesel locomotives.
    EMD loves the streamlined design of the slant nose bulldog nose.
    That's why we collected KEY OScale FT FP7 E5 E6 E7 E8.
    Above all, I think the cat whiskers of FRISCO E7 are a wonderful and luxurious paint.
    I became a member of FRISCO Org because I wanted to deeply explore and investigate the cat whiskers of E7 and E8.

    Thank you for telling us a wonderful story about Katsumi's Westside PRR M1A.
    There is still a Katsumi company in Japan, and we manufacture and sell Japanese-style Brass Models.
    1950s Katsumi in the 1960s knows that there was a craftsman who made the Brass Model of the American steam locomotive.
    Especially the craftsman Mr. Sofue is still popular.
    I think there are some Japanese model fans who are running Katsumi's Westside steam locomotive.

    I feel very happy when I see the O Scale Brass Model.

    Nobutaka Kimura
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  6. skyraider

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    Back around 1975 a good friend lived in California. He was a brass collector and especially liked Katsumi models. Dick Truesdale--owner of Westside Models--took the owner of Katsumi, who was visiting the United States, to my friend's home to see his collection. Dick introduced the owner of Katsumi as Taki.

    A few photos of some O scale brass on my shelf. Not all is Frisco, but it is all Katsumi, except for the Frisco box car, which is an old built up kit.

    Paul Moore
    4-8-2 MT-3.jpg IMG_4461 copy.jpg IMG_4389.JPG DSC03938.jpg IMG_3457 copy.jpg
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  7. Hi Paul

    Thank you for telling us about your wonderful memories.
    It's great that my friend was a big fan of Katsumi models and saw the collection with the owners of Dick Truesdale owner of Westside Models and Katsumi models.
    There are also model fans of Katsumi's American steam locomotives in Japan.
    I'm sorry, but I'm sorry that the diesel locomotive of my younger brother in the United States is quite deep, but I'm not very familiar with steam locomotives.
    Thank you for your wonderful photo.
    Are both SP steam locomotives MT-4?
    I'm sorry if I make a mistake.
    I'm glad to see Katsumi's wonderful Model.
    Besides steam locomotives, tank cars and flat cars are both wonderful.

    I also had one Katsumi O Scale.
    This is the MKT stock car in the photo.
    I really like the HO Brass model steam locomotive in the picture.
    It is H3a of MKT of Hallmark Model produced by FUJIYAMA of Japan.
    I love the H3a that ran to San Antonio, the last section of the Texas Special train.

    Nobutaka Kimura

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  8. skyraider

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    That HO scale MKT Pacific is a super nice model. Fujiyama made great models and that is a truly nice model. That is the one MKT HO model I'd like to have. My layout is a freelance version of West Central Texas modeling the QA&P, KC M & O which ran through the town we live in (became the Santa Fe) and any other road that ran near here. The MKT owned the Texas Central which ran within 10 miles of our home.

    My father went to engineering school at SMU in Dallas. Back in the early 1950's he rode special football trains to go watch SMU play football against other college teams. He caught the MKT passenger special at the Highland Park station not too far from the campus. The train was often pulled by a MKT 4-6-2.

    The O scale 4-8-2 with skyline casing is an MT-4; the one without casing is an MT-3. They are both Katsumi built and were imported by US Hobbies, as were the bulkhead end flats and the chemical tank car. My wife's father worked for DuPont in the state of Delaware at what was called the Experimental Station as an electrician his entire working career. That's why we have the DuPont car.

    Talk to you later,

    Paul Moore
  9. Hi Paul

    Thank you for your reply.
    I think the MKT 4-6-2 is a very nice model.
    I'm glad you also own this lovely 4-6-2.
    Actually, I am as interested in MKT as FRISCO.
    MKT was running near your house, wasn't it?
    I bought the MKT PA-1 on ebay at last because the number of production was small and I couldn't buy it easily with KEY's O Scale whose photo was posted on Org before.
    At KEY's O Scale, I thought that MKT was manufactured only with PA-1.
    Thank you for telling us about your dad getting on the MKT 4-6-2 train for a soccer match at college.
    To be honest, I also collect MKT materials.
    I have also considered joining MKT's Historical Society.
    Besides MKT 4-6-2, I am also interested in diesel locomotives.
    I would appreciate it if you could tell me your memories of MKT.

    It was the MT-3 that did not have the SP casing.
    I'm sorry I made a mistake.
    I learned that your dad worked as an electrician at DuPont.
    He was convinced of a great chemical tank car and car.

    My father worked for the railroad police of the Japanese National Railways.
    His father's brother was a steam locomotive Engineer.
    I cherish the driver's manual book used by his brother in the 1910s.

    I have nothing to do with FRISCO, but there are diesel locomotives that I am very interested in at KEY O Scale.
    Luxury train champions heading to Florida in the 1930s, Florida Special, Orange blossom are the locomotives of ACL FEC SAL's EMD E4 E6 that led his
    Looking at this Model will make your heart move.

    Nobutaka Kimura

    Nobutaka Kimura

    Nobutaka Kimura

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