Frisco All Aboard - February 1969 - Employee Magazine

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    Culling some paper goods and I came across 4 issues of the Frisco All Aboard magazines. The lead article in this issue is about Night People at East Thomas Yard in Birmingham. The man in the middle photo, top row, on page 4 is my dad. The address on the back cover was my grandfather's house.
    Sorry, I don't know how to make this one big file so you are going to get individual jpgs for each page.
    SCN_0006.jpg SCN_0007.jpg SCN_0008.jpg SCN_0011.jpg SCN_0012.jpg SCN_0013.jpg SCN_0014.jpg SCN_0015.jpg SCN_0016.jpg SCN_0017.jpg
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    Part 2
    SCN_0018.jpg SCN_0018.jpg SCN_0019.jpg SCN_0020.jpg SCN_0021.jpg SCN_0022.jpg SCN_0023.jpg SCN_0024.jpg SCN_0026.jpg
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    Shouldn't that Frisco Faces page more properly be entitled "Frisco Legs"?
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    I might add there are photo'd, fine pair's of legs. Good to remember when we had these kinds of collaborations of talent among our workforce, nothing wrong with any of it.
    Wasn't there a TV commercial years ago that touted, "nothing beats a great pair of legs" :D

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